~Mae'r dagrau'n rhwydd a'r geiriau'n gloff~

These tears are so easy and these words so frail

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♥ Call me what you want, a name is just a name. ♥

 ♥,aoibuta , crazyfaucet and pochi_k  ♥
zhelchimarquez and pengu_kun are my cute little sisters ♥
  ♥ hyde95 is my TWINee-chan, my YOU, and my bitch, amongst other things  ♥
aby_rose22 is my bestest fwriend and a fabulous sister ♥

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Used to go under the name xprincessmikox.

16 year old singer, fangirl and ex/semi-lolita living in England. Catholic. Taken. Searching affiliation with religious order. A little emo at times. Loves performing and languages. Learns too many.
Call me Miko or Mek. I don't care which, but only YOU (hyde95 ) can call me YOU.
Tegomass forever, with Tegoshi being my bias.
Yamada Ryosuke is
♥ ♥
Inspirit since 18/02/2012
(Main journal language is English, but is subject to language fail often.)
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hi I`m joy from the Philippines a certified JE boys lover esp NEWS and Tegomass.I`m already a golden girl but still fangirling young at heart, Aby_rose and aoibuta are my friends too, hope we can be good friends
yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Hi :)
I was wondering whether I should add you actually XD I have been in your profile a few times^^

Kochira koso! Nice to meet you^^ Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu^^

good day. thank you very much for adding me back...very much appreciated. have a nice weekend

You changed your layout recently, didn't you?
It's pink and pretty 8D

Well, hope you'll be back soon, and in a right mood! I'll wait for ya, 'kay? ♥

Haha, I changed it ages ago XD
Glad you like it^^

I'm kind of...around a bit...this week because I have the week off and there's nothing much more to do other than train myself to death..

Thank you ♥♥

Hello! I'm tesshi_love from jequoteaday, and I hired you as a new moderator. Can you please enable your private message options so I can send you messages? The only way I can communicate with you is through these messages... so...


tesshi_love <3

Thank you so much!^^
I hope I can do a good job.

The private message option is enabled, so you should be able to communicate with me. =D

I didn't know where to put it... lol
So... This is the image I have in mind when I think of you xD
I made it with photoshop but then I couldn't finish it for some reasons~

http://www.heberger-image.fr/data/images/60291_miko.png hahaha

KYAAA!! KAWAII!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

(lol, sorry, flailing, it's so pretty xDD)

(Deleted comment)
Haha, yes I'm 14 xD And I like being spoiled!^^ ♥ *slapped*

Thank you so much for adding me! :D

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