~Mae'r dagrau'n rhwydd a'r geiriau'n gloff~

These tears are so easy and these words so frail

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Thos days when you can't bring yourself to do anything~
 I bring you Cirque du Soleil's Contortion act from Kooza. Why? Because I'm random. And sick. Because I slept 2 hours only from Monday - Friday. And I can't be bothered to revise for the French exam tomorrow. 

These girls are all teenagers, the youngest one being the same age as me.

This is one of the most inspirational performances I know. Their relationships with each other, their spacial awareness and their timing is so perfect, and it just reminds me to get the hell off my arse and train. (Excuse my language, my mood is totally wierd.) I'm sick but I should still work even so. Missing training is a sign of idleness and idle people get nowhere in life unless their daddy is rich.  And my daddy is not.

I wonder if it inspires anybody else to start working harder?

Anyway, something I stole from lurora , 'coz she's awesome.


my thread

Yeah, come tell me truthfully what you think of me :D
Although, maybe I should be worried about this~

Ah..I'll just...go already...bye~

Random P.S. @ aby_rose22  - I forgot to tell you to sleep well when you left chat earlier. In theory you are already sleeping so, dream of me, okay? *slapped* xD

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This video is really awesome ! Contortion is kind of scary sometime ...I mean .....Gosh ...that is awesome. I dont think my body could do that and without needing to see a doctor just after XD lol.

Random : DO you know that Cirque du soleil come from Québec ????

Haha xD As long as you warm up properly and don't try anything to difficult, it's fine^^ It hurts the day after a big training session, but that's to be expected. You just kind of get used to it xDD

Yes I do! And I want to go!! Really, really want to go! =D

Lol ...I already got my pattela out of my knee because I was doing training at home ...so since that time I'm a little affraid by all that lol.

What kind of training? It sounds painful >.

i haven't watch the video.. because.. my net connection sucks.. ;_;

BUT I PROMISE!!!!!!!! i'll watch it! maybe next week though..

how are dear?

It's okay :) You don't need to watch it^^

Ah, I'm...okay. How are you?

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