~Mae'r dagrau'n rhwydd a'r geiriau'n gloff~

These tears are so easy and these words so frail

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Maybe I'm pushing my luck trying~
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Last Cigarette:
Last Alcoholic Drink:
Almost two months ago ._.
Last Car Ride: Yesterday, going shopping^^
Last Kiss:
Too long ago!! >.<
Last Good Cry:
When chatting with Abby-chan xD
Last Library Book checked out:
LOL. I don't get out enough to go to the library.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:
This meme requires you to have a life xD
Last Book Read:
Y Geiriadur Bach xDDDD
Last Movie Rented:
Last Cuss Word Uttered:
Oh, I told my mum she was a fucking bitch who should go get hit by a fucking car because nobody gives a fucking shit about her. Too harsh? :|
Last Beverage Drank:
Last Food Consumed:
A bit of apple
Last Crush:
Like proper crush? Alice's YOUNGER sister, Sophie. Bad times xD
Last Phone Call:
I don't call people. My last sms was to hyde95 saying 'Je t'aime <3'
Last TV Show Watched:
I don't watch TV.
Last Time Showered:
4 hours ago.
Last Shoes Worn:
Pukka Mary Janes
Last CD Played:
Kortslutning - Celina Ree
Last Item Bought:
A stamp for a letter~
Last Download:
School stuff~
Last Annoyance:
Mum, as usual~
Last Disappointment:
Too many
Last Soda Drank:
Soda is what you put in a cake that won't rise?
Last Thing Written:
Last Key Used: Door.
Last Word Spoken:
Last Sleep: Yesterday^^
Last IM: Night~
Last Sexual Fantasy:
Last Weird Encounter: Uh?
Last Ice Cream Eaten:
Last Time Amused:
Last Time Wanting To Die: Uh ._.

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Kyaa~ je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime beaucoup~

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