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~Mae'r dagrau'n rhwydd a'r geiriau'n gloff~

These tears are so easy and these words so frail

16 August

Me in a Nutshell

Who am I?

I'm Miko. That's the name most people know me by here so that's how it's going to stay, however I work as Astrid-Gwynedd. I am used to going by various other names so if you come up with one for me that's not like 'stupid whore' or something, I'll be happy to be called it. I'm 16 years old, and in college studying Music, Music Technology, French and Performing Arts. I can speak a few languages, evidently English and French since I study it, though I tend to fail in all quite a lot so be warned for what's in this journal.

Why am I here?

I first came to Livejournal in 2010 when the NEWS and Tegomass fandom was much more active, I needed to keep up with Lolita Fashion and I needed a distraction from my daily life. I left a few times, came back, left again, and now finally became active again in September 2012 because I miss it. In this journal you'll find ramblings, flailings, snips of daily life and work life. It might not always be the most positive place as I'm not in the best mental state, but I'm a lot better than I used to be.
My main fandoms are Tegomass, NEWS and NCIS.

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